What Sets us Apart

Cushion Court Technology

Player health is a top priority at the Shack. As the first club east of the Mississippi with Cushion Extreme® Courts, our members enjoy the very best surface available. Cushion Extreme® offers the very best technology in minimizing discomfort in your joints and feet. Enjoy extended play with less fatigue, as Cushion Extreme® cushions your body while maintaining a familiar playing experience. This seamless, eco-friendly system, utilizing recycled tire and shoe rubber, ensures player comfort.

Playsight On Court Cameras

The Pickle Shack has partnered with Playsight to allow our members to get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or game is over to analyze and improve. Enjoy real-time video to replay and review close calls. Once your game is over a recording will be archived within the Playsight app on your mobile device.

Court Lighting

Pickle Shack offers the brightest lighting surface in the midwest. Our 5000k lights are strategically placed on the perimeter of the courts to minimize glare.

Sound Control

Pickle Shacks multi-pronged approach to sound control creates an environment with minimal echo. The court surface, insulation, and special screening material around the courts are instrumental in absorbing sound.

Climate Control

12 individual HVAC units allow us to control temperature in a cost effective manner. Nothing feels better when it is hot or humid then walking into The Shack!


TieBreakers is a perfect place to gather for sporting events, company outings or after a well played match. Watch all your favorite programs on our multiple 65' screens. Our fully stocked bar offers a full array of alcohol, beer, wine and seltzers.

Pro Shop

The Pickle Shack offers a fully stocked pro shop with all your favorite brands. Our demo paddle program allows you to try it before you buy it. Ask front desk for more information.

Our Members

Of all the things that make the Pickle Shack special, it is our members that make the biggest difference.

  • "Plain and simple, the Pickle Shack saved my back. There is no other place I would rather play."

    John Scott

  • "Undoubtedly the best surface I have played on. I play at other locations and I can instantly feel the difference."

    Matt Kelly

  • Excellent courts, really makes a difference on the body. Easy to book, great people.

    Fredrick Modin

  • "The courts are very well constructed and lit, and you can easily book your court online. Check out the calendar for the various events. This is a great place to host a birthday party. There is a bar and many tables to seat your guests. Parking is plenty, and the staff is friendly. This is a 10!"

    Fawaz Hamoui

  • The absolute best place to play Pickleball in Ohio! I've been able to meet so many people, and all sorts of different levels. The special cushion layer on the courts feel great, plays exactly like a regular court with the addition of being able to play for hours with little to no soreness afterwards. "I'll meet you at the Shack!"

    Aaron Lacey

  • Such friendly staff and patrons! Now with 10 courts across 2 buildings, and a wee shop where you can get nice equipment. More amenities are coming…. Being able to play pickleball comfortably despite the weather is very nice. These are *dedicated* pickleball courts, with no other sports' lines, and net-walls between the courts to minimize ball migration interruptions.

    Nathan Morse

  • The facility is beautiful -like new. Lots of courts with coated surfaces so lots of opportunities to play. I attended a clinic. I appreciate the instruction. Staff was very friendly. Great place for some fun.

    Mark Leslie

  • Pickle Shack has been a great club to join. Every one on staff has been super friendly and super helpful. Started as absolute beginner and have taken lessons, clinics, and now play in a league. Great vibe, good courts, big fun!

    A Smith

  • "The Pickle Shack has everything a diehard player or beginner would want. The surface has a unique cushion to it that doesn’t affect the ball’s bounce. Your knees will appreciate it and the rest of your body too."

    Josh Mace